Guided Tours


Unique in-depth tours of Cloud Gate

A unique opportunity to get up close and personal with Cloud Gate. Spending more than 100 days touring the world, Cloud Gate creates works at its home base, Cloud Gate Theater in Tamsui. Designed by architect HUANG Sheng-yuan, the Cloud Gate Theater integrates historic and natural surroundings that had won recognition of both the Far Eastern Design Award and the Taiwan Architecture Award. Since its opening in 2015, the Cloud Gate Theater has been a darling to the community, arts-lovers and visitors from around the globe.

  • A minimum requirement of 15 participants per booking. Groups smaller than 15 will still be charged at the rate of 15 participants.
  • Please reserve two weeks before your intended visit. For reservation, please contact Ms. Lin by phone +886(0)2-2629-8558 ext. 2302 or by email

Guided Tour

In this 60 minutes guided walking tour, you will learn about the history and the stories of the dance company that rose to become a pillar in Taiwanese society, and the concept behind the architectural design of the Cloud Gate Theater. Stand aside artworks by Taiwanese artists, watch the oceanscape on the horizon and witness the seasons change with every visit.

Place: Inside and outside the Theater 
Duration: Approximately 60 min
Ticket price: Weekdays NT$300/adult, weekends & holidays NT$350/adult

*Please note that this is a walking tour, comfortable shoes are advised. 


Guided Tour and Cloud Gate Movement Class

As the body is at work, the heart is at peace.

You will learn to relax, stretch, and breathe in and out through Cloud Gate dance exercises. By attentively feeling each move, you will begin a dialogue with your body and mind.

Place: The class takes place in the Cloud Gate Studio 
Duration: Approximately 140 min (guided tour 60 min +  movement class 60 min + transition time 20 min)
Ticket price: Weekdays NT$650/adult, weekends & holidays  NT$800/adult

* Comfortable attire is recommended. 


Guided Tour, Lecture and Cloud Gate Movement Class

An in-depth experience with Cloud Gate.

Duration: Approximately 200 min (guided tour 60 min +  lecture 60 min + movement class 60 min + transition time 20 min)
Ticket price: Weekdays NT$800/adult, weekends & holidays  NT$1000/adult

*Comfortable attire is recommended.