About Cloud Gate Theater


Cloud Gate Theater, located in Tamsui of New Taipei City, is home to Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan, under the management of Cloud Gate Culture and Arts Foundation.

After its warehouse studio was destroyed in a blaze in 2008, Cloud Gate signed a B.O.T. contract with the New Taipei City government for a 40-year operating right to use the public land, on condition that Cloud Gate provided its own funds for building and running the theater on the site. 4,155 individual and corporate donations, including a gift of US$ 5 million from the Alphawood Foundation Chicago, had made the construction of the Theater possible.

Surrounded by lush green foliage and with a view of the Taiwan Strait, Cloud Gate Theater stands on a hill, adjacent to the Hobe Fort built in 1886 and Taiwan’s first golf course from 1919. It has four performing spaces—a 400-seat main theater, two studios, and a 1,000-person capacity outdoor space. All the buildings are blended into its natural landscape.

Since its opening on April 24, 2015, Cloud Gate Theater has presented performances and activities by its home-based company and visiting artists from Taiwan and abroad, including the Rustavi Choir (Georgia), Israel Galván (Spain), Ennio Marchetto (Italy), and TAO Dance Theater (China). Open to the public free of admission, the outdoor sculpture exhibition by renowned sculptor JU Ming and exhibitions at the gallery have also turned the theater into a vibrant arts field, attracting visitors from worldwide. Cloud Gate Theater has become a popular cultural hub of northern Taiwan.

In 2017, Cloud Gate Theater won the first prize of the prestigious Far Eastern Architectural Design Award.

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