Art Makers Project

Art Makers Project

LIN Hwai-min was awarded the first TSAI Wan-tsai Taiwan Contribution Award in 2015 and established the “Art Makers Project” with the NTD$10 million prize award (approximately USD$320,000). The “Art Makers Project” fosters young artists by providing rehearsal space, rehearsal fees as well as artistic advisory along the choreographic process. The Project encourages artists in focusing on the creation without immediacy of performance or public presentation.


WANG Yeu-kwn

CHEN Yi-en

HUANG Yung-huai

HUANG Huai-te

LIU Kuan-hsiang

LIU Yen-cheng

CHUNG Chih-wen

YU Yen-fang

LIN Chun-yu

TAI Chi-lun

CHIU Yu-hsuan

TIEN Hsiao-tzu

LIU Liang-yen

LO Yi-wei

LEE Zi-da

FANG Jun-wei

WANG Wei-lien

CHEN I-shan

LIN Cheng-tsung

LIU Jun-de

CHUANG Po-hsiang

LIU I-ling

HSIAO Tzu-han

SUN Cheng-hsueh

LIN Ting-syu

HUANG Yen-lin

LEE Chin-Chieh

Tora HSU



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