Guidelines for Public Spaces


Welcome to the Cloud Gate Theater! In order for us to provide everyone with a safe, tranquil, and comfortable environment, here is a friendly reminder from us:

1. The grounds at the Cloud Gate Theater

The grounds at the Cloud Gate Theater includes the land and the building on the land at No. 36, Lane 6, Section 1, Zhongzheng Road, Tamsui District, New Taipei City 25172, Taiwan.

2. Opening hours

(1)  The Cloud Gate Foundation and Cloud Gate Dance Theatre operate within the Theater building. Aside from activities such as performances and exhibitions, it is not open to public. 

(2)  For the opening hours of the service areas such as the Starbucks and the Treehouse Bookstore, please contact the stores directly to confirm their opening hours. 

(3) The outdoor grounds are open from 06:00 to 20:00. Opening hours may be adjusted in case of performances and other events. 

3. Outdoor activities

For those who wish to hold activities in the outdoor area, please submit an application first

4. Parking regulations

Aside from access roads, parking of motor vehicles is prohibited on the grounds. For vendor vehicles, please abide by the Guidelines for Site Management and the Safety Code of Practice

5. Safety rules for construction

When one is carrying out renovation and maintenance projects or setting up a performance stage, please abide by the Occupational Health and Safety Rules. All workers should be overseen by a supervisor in charge, and their work should be subject to inspection by the Labor Inspection Office and the Management Unit of the Cloud Gate. 

6. Prohibited activities

The Theater and its grounds prohibit the following behaviors and activities. Violators that do not refrain from these acts after verbal warning will be reported to legal authorities and subject to legal accountability. 

(1)  Fail to immediately clean up after one’s pet. 

(2)  To scrawl, spray, or carve graffiti or post flyers illegally; to vandalize the park and its facilities; to litter, urinate, spit, or perform any act spoiling the park

(3)  To fly a kite, play with a radio-controlled vehicle, or to play frisbee or any ball game; to engage in activities detrimental to public safety.

(4)  To fish, play, wash, or set captive animals free in the pond; to engage in activities that pollute water or damage the ecosystem.

(5)  To start a campfire, cook, set off firecrackers or fireworks, or stay overnight; to engage in activities that cause damage to the building and the park.

(6)  Smoking is prohibited outside designated smoking areas. According to Article 31 of the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act, a violator is punishable by a fine ranging from NTD$2,000 to NTD$10,000. 

(7)  To sell food and drinks or other products for profit without permission; to distribute advertising flyers or promotion items. 

(8)  To carry dangerous goods or controlled drugs; to commit a sex offense; to commit disorderly conduct such as intoxication, fighting, making loud, unreasonable noise, gambling, or engaging in extreme and outrageous conduct.

(9)  To use the Area not in accordance with the regulations. 

7. Noise control regulations

The noise volume of all activities held on the premises should be in compliance with regulations related to the Noise Control Act. If one is reported and found to have violated the regulations after actual measurement, then the Cloud Gate is entitled to demand the organizer to immediately improve until the noise level complies with the regulations. In the event of violation confirmed by the competent authority of noise control, the organizer will be held fully responsible.  

8. Security

There are security guards on duty 24 hours a day. They are responsible for the security and order of the grounds and perform their duty as per the Guidelines. 

9. The Cloud Gate Theater reserves the right to modify the Guidelines. Changes made to the Guidelines will be announced accordingly.