The Revisit - Cicada 15th Anniversary Concert

The Revisit - Cicada 15th Anniversary Concert

Cicada revisited the land from memory, a journey over the past fifteen years, to explore the intersectionality of humans and nature.

The past never leaves us. Our cherished memories, like a song, a forest, a wetland, and dolphins, linger and integrate, waiting for us to revisit them. Cicada believes every piece of our music evolves; they grow with us.

The songs are developed through years of live performances and studying the landscape of Taiwan, which promises to transport us to memories of coral, flowers, land, and home, from the shoreline to the deep sea, from the west to east coast of the island.

<Setlist> Afternoon

1. Ocean Foam
2. Rolling Waves
3. Dolphins Leap
4. Used to be Home
5. Blooms in Dark
6. Into the Ocean
7. Seeking the Sources of Streams
8. Sunlit Grassland
9. Light Shining Through the Sea

<Setlist> Evening

1. Used to be Home
2. Close to Wetland
3. White Forest
4. Into the Ocean
5. Rolling Waves
6. Dolphins Leap
7. Over Coastal Range
8. Meteoric Night
9. Farewell (in a pretentious way)
10. Snow Trail
11. Remains of Ancient Trees

◎The show is 75 minutes without intermission.
◎This event is supported by Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development, MOC.


Cicada from Taiwan was formed in 2009 consists of violin, cello, piano and acoustic guitar. It's named after Cicada because people are aware of cicada's existence by their sound instead of forms. 

In 2013, Cicada began to compose for Taiwan. The theme of “Coastland” was the west coastland, and “Light Shining Through the Sea” was inspired by the east coast and the Pacific Ocean. “White Forest” released in 2017 drew inspiration from marine life such as humpback whales, dolphins, coral reefs and sea turtles.

Cicada walked into the mountain from the ocean on their 10th year and released the hiking journal “Hiking in the Mist”. In 2022, their focus switched to the valleys and forests. “Seeking the Sources of Streams” comprised moments of roaming the mountains.