Chromatic Traveler Concert

Chromatic Traveler Concert

This summer, Jang Li (李讓), the triple WORLD CHAMPIONS winner of World Harmonica Festival, will proudly present the immersive crossover performance, "Chromatic Traveler Concert". Once again collaborating with the Liquid Light Artist, 白油 BIO. This program will have invited15 top Taiwanese artists, including classical musicians, jazz musicians, and dancers, to present the show that combines auditory and visual elements.

Jang Li: The Galaxy Railways/The Map
Painter/Flow/Adolescence/Three Scenes of Living/
G. Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue
Taki Rentaro: Kojo no Tsuki
mr. Why: Uni
Ryuichi Sakamoto: “Where is Armo?” from The Last Emperor
Min-Yi Lin: A Blooming Tree
G. Enescu: Romanian Rhapsody No. 1, Op. 11
A. Piazzolla: Libertango

Jang Li
Harmonica / Composer / Producer

Jang Li is a professional harmonica music virtuoso performer, jazz performer, composer, and educator of music from TAIWAN, triple WORLD CHAMPIONS winner of World Harmonica Festival (Jazz Chromatic & Diatonic Harmonica: blues / rock / folk / country & Harmonica Trio).He becoming the first person in Asian history to accomplish such a feat. In 2021, He achieved double Awards winner of ICCCH (Hong Kong International Composition Competition for Chromatic Harmonica). He is the only composer among the winners who also performs as a musician.

With extensive performance experience and stage charisma, Jang Li has collaborated with numerous musicians domestically and internationally, spanning classical, jazz, and pop genres. He often participates in pop music collaborations, recording, and arranging. His playing is acclaimed for its excellence, and what is truly admirable is not just his technical prowess but also his musical expressiveness, which is full of emotion, unleashing the boundless potential of the harmonica.

"Jang Li is a composer whose original compositions... besides being so beautiful, make the most of his harmonica expertise to take the instrument to its limits." -- Dror Adler, The Adler Trio, Israeli Harmonica Maestro

Liquid Light Artist / LIVE Painter

Xin-han Xie, pseudonym is BIO. He has had a passion for organic and accidental art since childhood, excelling in watercolor painting and visual design, while also delving into dance and performing arts. Since 2016, he has been integrating painting with performance, improvising through visual projections. He has developed a series of art creations using the principle of oil and water separation for projection, aiming to become a visual performing artist focusing on on-site creation. His style incorporates fluid art and liquid light art as elements, combining rendering techniques with direct projector to interpret the aesthetic of stage space in light fields.

Jazz Musicians:
Lin Liang-Yu on Piano
Toshi Fujii on Drum
Piano Quintet: Dominant 5
Live Band: mr. Why
Shamisen: Ni Jui Sin
Nihonbuyo: Tang Qing Yu