[POSTPONED]Formosa Circus Art2021 Annual Production Circus as Folks

Formosa Circus Art
2021 Annual Production Circus as Folks

The performances on Jun 19-20, 2021 have been postponed to Sep 18-19, 2021, due to COVID-19. Tickets held will remain valid for the rescheduled dates: Jun 19 to Sep 18, and Jun 20 to Sep 19.

For ticket refund, please call TIXFUN service center: +886-(0)2-2707-3053 or email tixfun_service@ambiarts.com.tw.


3 years in the making, brand new creation of all-rounder circus artist Chen, Kuan-Ting.

Superhuman, Flying-human, Circus as Humans

Stuntman, Juggling man, Circus as Folks

Jumping, rolling, falling, throwing. Extraordinary, talented circus performers always seem so incredible. But as normal as being a human, like everybodyelse, they have to eat, brush their teeth, chase the bus, do their homework and play hide-and-seek with their classmates when they were young. In a blink of an eye, they jumped down from top, flipping to the ground and shuttle back and forth between their bodies and objects. Every single day, there is a contesting game about cooperation and competitionbetween Superhuman and mortal in the body of the very same circus performer.

With only human beings as the “animal” on the stage, Circus as Folks is a performance without lions, tigers, elephants nor horses. It is also a circus performance about circus performers. Combining with different techniques, such as juggling, acrobatics, stunts and Cyr Wheel, etc.. Circus as Folks completely presents the uniqueness of the circus, and also allows you to see the different mental states and physical thinking between artists’ daily life and professional training through the superb skills and playfulness.

Chen, Kuan-Ting, the director of Circus as Folks, is not only one of the few Taiwanese performers who are proficient in juggling hats in the early years while the sector just developed, but also the unforgettable artist in FOCA’s creations in recent years. You may have seen his canned piling performance in How Long Is Now?, and the protagonist in Moss who chases memories and companions. If you like Circus Party and Songs of the Land, then you definitely shouldn't miss Circus as Folks, which is also directed by Chen and has accumulated years of circus creative energy.