Cathay Arts FestivalDance Express

Cathay Arts Festival
Dance Express

A Dancing Day at Cloud Gate Theater! 
Watch Cloud Gate dancers perform, take a workshop, picnic in the garden, roll on the big lawn…... you get the idea!

A hidden gem in Tamsui, Cloud Gate Theater is home to Taiwan’s prominent dance company, Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan. The theater with its big lawn and gardens is perched on a hill overlooking the sea. This is where the internationally renowned dance company creates and rehearses day in day out. Now you have a chance to experience Cloud Gate’s unique training and a glimpse of its repertoires through this new program, Dance Express

Dance Express is an interactive demonstration taking you through a dancing time warp and Cloud Gate’s daily training in ballet, modern dance, Tai Chi Dao Yin as well as martial arts. If you’ve missed Cloud Gate’s works before, you will get to glimpse into excerpts of some of the company’s sought-after works, Moon Water, On the Road, White Water, and 13 Tongues

If that’s tickled your feet, join a movement class, before or after a performance. Get that body moving!
Hop on Dance Express and spend a dancing day at Cloud Gate Theater in Tamsui.


Date & Time

09.25 Sat.  11:00   15:00
09.26 Sun.  11:00   15:00
10.09 Sat.  11:00   15:00
10.10 Sun. 11:00   15:00
11.06 Sat. 11:00   15:00
11.07 Sun. 11:00   15:00 
11.20 Sat. 11:00   15:00
11.21 Sun. 11:00   15:00

*No shuttle service for this performance.

*Friends of Cloud Gate, Cathay United Bank user, residents of Tamsui  20%off
*Students of the Cloud Gate Dance School  10%off
*Double ticket of Cathay Arts Festival Dance Express  20%off
*Cathay Arts Festival Dance Express*1 + Movement Class*1  20%off 

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Special Event - Movement Class (NT$500/person)

As the body is at work, the heart is at peace.

You will learn to relax, stretch, and breathe in and out through Cloud Gate dance exercises. By attentively feeling each move, you will begin a dialogue with your body and mind.

*Maximum group size for adult session: 25 people
*Maximum group size for family session: 30 people. Suitable for children aged 6 years and above. It is recommended that one adult leads at most two children.
*Please wear a mask during the whole class.
*Please wear comfortable attire that allow you to move freely.

【 Date & Time 】
Movement Class (Family)
 Location: Studio Theater 1

09.25 Sat.  13:30 16:30
09.26 Sun. 13:30 16:30
10.09 Sat.  13:30 16:30
10.10 Sun. 13:30 16:30
11.06 Sat. 16:30
11.07 Sun. 16:30
11.21 Sun. 13:30 16:30

Movement Class (Adult)  Location: Studio Theater 2

09.25 Sat.  13:30 16:30
09.26 Sun. 13:30 16:30
10.09 Sat.  13:30 16:30
10.10 Sun. 13:30 16:30
11.06 Sat. 13:30 16:30
11.07 Sun. 13:30 16:30 
11.20 Sat. 13:30 16:30
11.21 Sun. 13:30 16:30