bulabulay mun?

bulabulay mun?

bulabulay mun? How are you?

Greetings after greetings from the same ocean 
are dedicated to you who protect your homeland with your life.

Mountains and oceans still remember
the history of tears and bloods that has been swamped by waves.

Heave and earth never forget 
those who have guarded with their lives

Ancestral spirits!

The history is still waiting.

One day eventually, 
the sun can stop weeping!

In 1874, Japanese forces attacked the indigenous communities in Southern Taiwan for the reason of the Ba Yao Bay incident. This incident, “Mudan Incident of 1987”, was the first Japanese military attack on a foreign country since the Meiji Restoration and the first war involving foreign forces in the contemporary history of Taiwan.

Tjimur Dance Theatre adopted the “e ne lja sinvaudjan a nia qati” from Southern Paiwan to reconstruct this historical battle that has been forgotten as time goes by. We walked in step like soldiers going to war. With the ever-changing rhythms of the ancient ballad, once again, we shouted to heaven and earth. Shouldn’t those who defended their homeland a hundred years ago be carved in the history?