KINGKONG WAVE ProductionTranshumanism: A Fair

Transhumanism: A Fair

“The ceaseless divisions of the world will lead to an ultimate deconstruction of every perceivable entity. This ramifying movement will continue until every human consciousness eventually becomes the god in its own universe, and we will be able to reshape everything without restraints. The world will be at death’s door due to its dishonesty. The path to rebirth is to truly fuse the red and blue.

——Initiated by Sean Chou, together with Chen Yu-Dien and Wang Wei, January 24, 2019

What if you can possess supernatural powers, on the belief that everyone's body has a spirit and latent physical capacities? Illusionist and mentalist Sean CHOU steps beyond confines of a magic entertainment show to bare potentialities of human physical enhancement live onstage.

Maneuvering tricks, psychology, hypnosis, body and consciousness training, Sean surfaces our unseen potentialities, both cognitive and physical. Transhumanism studies the motives behind our pursuit of superhuman powers, and locates human beings and our relation to the ever-evolving environment of artificial intelligence.

A Festival hit last year, the Transhumanism trilogy unfolds its second iteration with a new ritual structure that elaborates on 8 aspects of extraordinary power. Combining hypnosis, psychological study, body manipulation and audience engagement, Transhumanism: A Fair treads the borders between restriction/freedom and individual/collective, and proposes a world of new sensibilities.

*The concept of work is drawn from Transhumanism: A Fair commissioned by Taipei Performing Arts Center in 2020.