Wild Cursive

Part III of Cursive: A Trilogy   

Wild Cursive


Best Performing Arts Production    2005 Taishin Arts Award
Best Choreography of 2006    Critics poll by Theaterheute and Ballettanz


The Times

Lin Hwai-min proves himself as a visionary choreographer in this mammoth work, whose dance language is rooted in the East yet internationally understood.                
Süddeutsche Zeitung

All choreographers work within the boundaries of the body's limitations. But great ones defy them, finding new ways of employing physical limbs and motion. So it is with Lin Hwai-min, the inimitable choreographer…
Chicago Tribune

Photo by Liu Chen-hsiang

Wild Cursive is driven by sinewy strength, dynamic use of breath and dazzling muscular control. The great pleasure is observing, as in calligraphy, the outer grace and the inner power that tell you this work is about more than action.

Its predecessor (Pine Smoke) was thrilling. This work is even better: action pared down to the essence, music minimal, design restrained and lighting poetic yet projecting every nuance of the dance...

Cloud Gate is a wonderful company. Let's have them back soon, and for longer.  
Sydney Morning Herald

Evening Standard

It's auspicious that BAM opened its 75th-anniversary season with Lin Hwai-min's Wild Cursive… The piece's blend of discipline and freedom, of meditative patience and suddenly unleashed power, connects ancient practice with modern innovation in exemplary ways, eschewing the explicit violence we so often see onstage today.
The Village Voice

Photo by Liu Chen-hsiang

Wild Cursive accomplished that rarity, achieving the universal through the highly particular of a culture. It could only have been created in a milieu imbued with the particular regimens and distinctive practices of tai chi, wu shu and qi qong.                                       

They are writing a history of dance with their bodies. 
Wiesbadener Kurier

The sheer hypnotic intensity of this piece - and its brilliant realization - held the audience in rapt attention. The silence and concentration of those watching was unusual and made the experience on both sides of the footlight transfixing.
Chicago Sun-Times

The audience applauded with standing ovation. When has one ever seen a company with such magical and beautiful bodies?                              
Neues Deutschland


The Dance of Ink on White Paper / Dancing Times

Photo by Lin Ching-yuan

Wild Cursive

Lin Hwai-min

Jim Shum   Liang Chun-mei

Concept                        Lin Hwai-min
Technical Consultant  Austin Wang
Realization                   Hung Wei-ming
Paper                            Chung Rhy Special Paper
Ink                                 Union Chemical Laboratories of Industrial Technology Research Institute

Lighting Design           
Chang Tsan-tao

Costume Design         
Samuel Wang

Yong Lin Foundation

Performed by 
Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan

November 19, 2005, Taipei, Taiwan

September 19, 2009, Taipei, Taiwan

Photo by Liu Chen-hsiang

Visited venues include
Sadler's Wells Theatre, London, UK
Next Wave Festival, New York, USA
Carolina Performing Arts, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA
Zellerbach Hall, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, California, USA
The Harris Theater for Music & Dance, Chicago, USA
Lied Center of Kansas, Laurence, Kansas, USA
Northrop Auditorium, University of Minnesota, USA
National Arts Centre, Ottawa, Canada
Grand Theatre de Quebec, Quebec City, Canada
Theatre Maisonneuve, Place des Arts, Montreal, Canada

Theatre Alfa, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Internationale Maifestspiele, Wiesbaden, Germany
Theater im Pfalzbau, Ludwigshafen, Germany
In Transit Festival, Berlin, Germany
Het Muziektheater, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia
Perth International Arts Festival, Perth, Australia
Shinjuku Bunka Centre, Tokyo, Japan
Hong Kong Arts Festival